Cookie Policy

A brief explanation on "Cookies"

When we talk about cookies, we are not talking about those delicious baked goodies. The “cookies” that we are referring to are small data files that companies used by online businesses to gather specific pieces of information from their users. Cookies can be placed on any computer, tablet or mobile device.

By collecting information about search and browsing behaviors as well as purchase histories, cookies help online businesses deliver a better user experience by tailoring the items shown to each user. Cookies usually last for 30 days after which time they are erased from your device. While cookies are used to remember your actions, they never collect or store personal information including your name, payment details or address.

We use cookies for three main reasons:

  • First, cookies enable us to deliver special advertisements and promotions to users who will be most interested in them.
  • Second, cookies help us maintain the technical aspects of the website, so our customers don’t run into technical difficulties when browsing.
  • Third, cookies help us understand the behaviors of our customers such as browsing and purchasing habits, and monitor our own services, sales, and campaigns.

How do I disable cookies?

Although we place cookies on your device, you can disable them if you want to. The process for removing cookies usually takes a few quick steps but what actions you need to take will depend on the browser that you use. If you want to disable cookies, just do a quick online search for how to remove them from you chosen browser. Please note that in some instances, disabling cookies may disrupt your website browsing experience, and the site will not function at full capacity. Disabling cookies may also interfere with completing a purchase on the website.

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